An Important Valentine’s Day Service Announcement

“The following isImage an IMPORTANT SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT… .. “SIDE CHICKS, SIDE PIECES, JUMP OFFS, RANDOM HOLES, MOUTH PIECES HOOCH WITTA KOOCH or WHATEVER they call you….. Please remember, your day is Feb. 15th, so please dont call, text, or email on Valentines Day…just play your position and stay in your lane! The following day, FEB. 15th has been set aside as “VALEN-SIDES” DAY because everything is at a discounted, cheap price, just like you!

So please, “kill” all texts, visits, radio shout outs, calls, & pop ups until your appointed scheduled day and time….. You know who you are, so just learn your place! You all may now continue with your regular scheduled programming” ~ Author Unknown

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