Situations, Hard to Resist

sitations-h2r-paperbackWhy settle for mediocre love when great love awaits?

Relationships are tricky. Most people enter into a relationship believing a myth that a relationship is a mystical box filled with love, fidelity, trust,   and mind numbing sex. The truth is, in its infancy, a relationship is actually an empty box. These things must be instilled into a relationship.

So, what’s your situation? Are you thriving in a meaningful relationship, or are you like our characters, merely surviving an intolerable situationship?

In the erotic romance novel , Situations, Hard to Resist by Brenda Stokes several couples find themselves in situationships which are no longer fulfilling. Struggling to find love, fidelity, support and sexual gratification in failed relationships they find themselves in a game of musical beds you will not believe. And in the end, some way, somehow most of them find exactly what they’ve always been looking for.

Warner Bradshaw was a single woman’s dream. The retired NBA Point Guard was young, handsome, charismatic and offensively rich. Beyond all of that, he was tired of playing games and ready for a wife and a family. There was just one problem, the woman he was in love with was the queen of games. She’d been playing him since the day they met.

Tyrique Wilde, his best friend, was the polar opposite of Warner. Tyrique was an extremely handsome NBA Shooting Guard who used women like disposable razors. He went through a new one every single day. The ultra-rich, white athlete would rather endure a root canal without anesthesia than settle down and get married.  Damaged, Tyrique never knew love, nor did he want to. Unexpectedly, a woman walked into his life and changed everything he thought he knew about relationships, commitment and love.

Dr. Kamaryn Cisco was a stunning family practice physician who was stuck in a five year relationship which was going nowhere fast. She was dating a man who had no concept what fidelity meant. He relentlessly cheated on her and had fathered a couple of children outside of the relationship. Not convinced she could do better, Kamaryn settled, thinking a piece of a man was better than no man at all. One day she met a good man and settling for sloppy seconds was no longer an option.

Brandi Owens was a BBBW, a big beautiful black woman, who had been dumped on by life from the day she was born. After the birth of her child Brandi’s weight ballooned and her live in boyfriend no longer wanted her. They rarely had sex and she was pretty sure he was cheating on her. Soon, he became verbally abusive and his love for her turned to hate. If it had not been for her son, her boyfriend would have tossed her in the streets. Saddled with a mountain of bills and student loans she had nowhere to go. Juggling a toddler, a job and college, the young mother was overwhelmed. Miraculously, after an unexpected one night stand, her entire world changed. She met a man who looked beyond her size and fell in love with her heart.

Dr. Rod Madison was a self-absorbed cardiovascular surgeon who didn’t love anyone except himself. Basically, he was a womanizing dick who harbored major commitment issues. His career was paramount in his life and came second only to sex. As fine as pixie dust the handsome doctor was a magnet for lonely, confused nurses. And although he was in a relationship Dr. Madison had no problem playing doctor and nurse whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Raven Montgomery was in a word greedy. She wanted it all, men, women, fame, fortune, money and mind boggling sex and she was determined to get it at any cost. Oversexed, the beautiful bisexual professional cheerleader finds herself in love with a professional athlete and a fellow cheerleader. Determined to have her cake and eat it too, she devises a scheme to bring the three of them together in the same bed as one big happy family. Naturally, her plan was an epic fail. The problem was both her girlfriend and her boyfriend were in love with her and neither were willing to share.

Situations, Hard to Resist is an exciting look into the lives of six consenting adults desperate to move from situationships to loving relationships. They love… They laugh… They cry… They try… And they even die for a chance at meaningful love.  In the end they prove that life is too short to allow your situation to ruin your chance of finding true love.

Situations, Hard to Resist… An extraordinarily sexy, erotic romance novel by Brenda Stokes Lee.

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