Caged Heat

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Both Destiny and Dave were New York Times best selling romance authors. Polar opposites, they were fierce competitors. Dave was a no “holes” barred, taboo erotica writer, while Destiny wrote colorful romance novels. For reasons unknown they couldn’t stand each other. Nobody knew how the feud started, but everyone in the publishing industry knew it was vicious and ugly. The pair fought hard and they fought dirty. Neither relinquished an ounce of credit to the other for being a brilliant writer.

Needless to say, it’s hard to put so much energy into hating someone without becoming obsessed with them. And Destiny and Dave were well beyond obsessed with each other. In fact, their unnatural obsession consumed them like a cancer. It was one insult from becoming violent. Some would venture to say they were on the fast track to killing each other.

Then, one evening, fate forced a heated confrontation between them at a conference in the beautiful Bahamas. For a brief moment all of their caged rage and animosity unexpectedly boiled over and exploded. To their shock, it revealed itself as unbridled lust. Against all odds the two authors do the unthinkable, right in public.

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2 thoughts on “Caged Heat

  1. I loved every exchange between these two. I read this and wanted more. I laughed, I couldn’t catch my breath, and then I get a fan because it was so hot I dehydrated. Yeah I loved this story and was left wanting more.

    • Thank you DaShanda! I love the chemistry between this couple. I plan to expand their story into a full novel, hopefully sometime this year. So, stay tuned for more.

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