Guiltless Pleasure

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Heather could not believe her fiance’ of two years cheated on her. High, he slept with some nasty strippers at his bachelor party. Plagued with a guilty conscious he confessed on their wedding day. They were scheduled to be married on a beautiful beach in Barbados two hours after he broke the news. Heather was devastated. Considering calling the wedding off she took a long walk on the beach. Convinced she’d never be able to forgive him she was ready to call it quits. Then she met Que. Que showed up out of nowhere. He was a very tall, very handsome, very sexy Barbadian. Que helped Heather get over her fiance’s betrayal and taught her to release her inhibitions. Their affair was as brief as a whisper, but life changing. What happened to Heather on the beach before her wedding ceremony that allowed her to forgive and forget her fiance’s infidelity? Download Guiltless Pleasure and find out.

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