GI Joe and Ebony

Ebony Saunder’s evening was off to a really bad start. After leaving a session at the gym she discovers her car has a flat tire. Frustrated, she has no glue what to do. Then, as if by magic, a tall, handsome Marine comes to her rescue. Ebony planned to spend a quite night alone with her toys. Well, that was the plan before she found herself on a collision course with destiny. Suddenly, she’s face to face with an extremely gorgeous Marine. Persuasive, he makes her change all of her plans and break all of her rules. Charismatic and oh so sexy he tempts Ebony to let her guards down and take a chance on an unexpected love affair.

This is a sexy love story with a lot of twists & turns and a whole lot of love and heart. Subscribe to and get it FREE on 04.21.17!

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