Joy of Toys

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Things had taken a serious nose dive in the bedroom of Theo and Sanjai Nevels. The young married couple recently started a new business. Incredibly busy they were burning the candle at both ends and the middle. Their daily routine only included work and sleep. It went on this way for months. Understandably, their sex life was null and void. They used to be insatiable. Now, they’d become nothing but roommates. Naturally, their bedroom problems had begun to infiltrate their marriage. The couple was irritated and cranky, uncharacteristically snapping at each other. Their business was thriving, but they were in trouble. Sanjai decided enough was enough. It was time to take matters in her hand. She had to do something, anything to turn up the heat and bring the passion back into their marriage. Purchasing a few sex toys online, she let down her inhibitions and showed her husband a side of her he’d never seen. Theo liked it. Join them as they explore the wonderful joy of sex toys.

This is a sexy love story with a lot of twists & turns and a whole lot of love and heart. Subscribe to and get it FREE on 04.28.17!

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