Win an autographed copy of Southern Hospitality

Who’s on Goodreads? I’m running a paperback giveaway. Enter to win an autographed copy of Southern Hospitality. Are we friends on Goodread? Don’t forget to add Southern Hospitality to your Goodread’s list. Good luck in the giveaway!…/show/235825-southern-hospitality

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Every girl falls in love with a cowboy. The Kinkades were among the sexiest men in Texas. Each was blessed with good genes, a charming disposition, an alluring smile and that country boy swag. There were five of them- Blake, Cole, Tyler, Kamari and Big Country. Well built and well endowed, each Kinkade was finer than the next. Panties dissolved whenever one of them entered a room. Yet, they all had girl problems. Take a ride with these sexy cowboys as they navigate the murky waters of love, commitment and casual, meaningless sex.

Enter for a chance to win an autographed copy of this riveting erotic romance.

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