Summer Magic

Summer Magic, An Erotic Romance Quickie

Undercover Vice Detective Davon Hamilton was pissed. He was convinced he had received another bull crap assignment. A decorated veteran of the force, he couldn’t understand why he was assigned to investigate a Thai massage parlor for prostitution activity. Any first day rookie beat cop could have investigated the establishment and shut it down.

Ironically, Detective Hamilton would be the first to admit that he’d been slacking on the job. His life had hit a rut. His career was stagnant. And he he’d been off his “A” game for months, barely making an arrest in months. Understandably, the handsome, black detective was not in a position to bark about a bad assignment. So, he gave in and took the questionable assignment, vowing to do a good job.

All bet’s were off once he met Summer, the owner of the establishment. She was beautiful and the detective immediately fell victim to her innocent charm. The vice officer suddenly found himself charting dangerous territory. Never, not even once had he been seduced by a suspect to the point he could not do his job.

Summer was alarmingly different. The hard nose detective was in trouble. He was on a collision course with destiny and he was completely unprepared. Little did he know the stunning Thai masseuse would change his bitter outlook and warm his lonely spirit with a smile.

Find out how this suspected prostitute wins this burned out detective’s affection and makes him break the law and all of his rules. Download your copy of Summer Magic today.

This is a surprising love story with a sexy twist and a whole lot of love and heart. Subscribe to and get it FREE on 05.05.17!

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