Lovers’ Masquerade

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Next up… Lovers’ Masquerade, An Erotic Romance Quickie by Brenda Stokes Lee


Jylian Jamison had a secret crush on her boss Ryan Whitfield. He was the son of the company’s billionaire CEO and a notorious playboy. Jylian knew Ryan was trouble. He’d had more women then she could count. Yet, her body craved him like sugar.

Ironically, Ryan wasn’t aware of her feelings. In fact, he was convinced Jylian despised him. He never picked Besides, he was too busy wrestling the powerful emotions that gripped him every time Jylian entered the room. You see, Ryan was nurturing a monstrous crush of his own. He was infatuated with Jylian, but feared she wouldn’t have him because of his well earned bad boy reputation. Still, he was determined to seduce her and win her affection.

One night… Behind the cloak of darkness and masquerade outfits they’d both have their chance to act on their obsessions.

What if you could hide behind a Masquerade mask and costume to enjoy a secret, dirty, sex encounter with your crush? What would you do? Would you give into your desires and forbidden passions for just one night? Find out what happens when Jylian and Ryan release their inhibitions at a company sponsored Masquerade ball.

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