Starting Over

It’s Free Book Friday!

Next up… Starting Over, an Erotic Romance Quickie by Brenda Stokes Lee


Every now and then we get a little behind in our bills. Imagine being two weeks late on your rent. Danielle’s rent was late and she had no way to catch up until pay day. Unfortunately, pay day was over two weeks away. A recent war widow, she’d fallen on hard times. In fact, she just started working and could barely make ends meet.

Luckily, Logan, her sexy landlord had eyes for her. He assured Danielle it was no big deal. Naturally, she was appreciative. So, when Logan asked her over for dinner one night she couldn’t refuse.

What would you do if your landlord invited you over to his apartment to work out alternative payment arrangements for your back rent? Check out what happens when this stunning, young, widow is placed in this situation.

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