Love By Design

Who’s ready for Free Book Friday?

Next up… Love by Design, An Erotic Romance Quickie by Brenda Stokes Lee


Fashion designer Faith Price was on top of the world. Her premiere fashion show was a huge success. Backstage, after the show, she was congratulating her models when she spotted a handsome, well dressed man. He appeared to be looking for someone, or something. Expecting a reporter from a fashion magazine Faith mistakenly assumed he was looking for her.

Faith had no idea she was speaking to billionaire fashion mogul, Dion Luxenberg. He was the owner and CEO of Dion Couture, one of the largest fashion conglomerates in the world. Ironically, he stumbled upon her fashion show while searching for the men’s room. Instantly infatuated by the stunning designer the billionaire would say or do anything to get close to her. So, he assumed the role of a local fashion reporter interested in interviewing her.

Faith was ecstatic. She quickly agreed to a dinner date to discuss her fashion line and eclectic designs. Over dinner things moved quickly. Completely captivated by each other they enjoyed an instant attraction. By the end of their brief date they’d become closer than either of them could imagine possible.

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