Spring Break

It’s Free Book Friday!

Spring Break, An Erotic MFM Quickie.


It was Spring Break in beautiful Barbados and co-ed Tasha Martin was relaxing on the beach enjoying the ocean breeze and a mixed drink. Alone, she decided to read a Brenda Stokes Lee novel to pass the time. It was a rookie mistake. Her book quickly became heated and so did Tasha.

She started to return to her room to take care of her problem, but quickly changed her mind. Tasha, who had discovered the perfect spot on the deserted beach, didn’t want to lose it. Convinced she was alone, Tasha did the unthinkable.

Sure, Tasha should have returned to her hotel suite and took care of the matter in private… But what fun would that have been? Tasha was alone in a secluded part of the beach. No one would ever know. Right?

Tasha assumed she was alone, but boy was she wrong. Off shore, two handsome surfers watched as she enjoyed some quality alone time. As fate would have it the pair met Tasha the night before. They were college students on Spring Break like Tasha. The men instantly recognized her. Caught with her hands in the cookie jar Tasha waves them in for a drink.

As you can imagine the three co-eds enjoyed some steamy hot fun in the Barbadian sun. And Tasha learned the hard way what happens when you read an erotic novel by Brenda Stokes Lee in public.

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