Daily Guiltless Pleasure

Enjoy these FREE erotic romance treats available on Amazon for 06.21.17! Please check Kindle price before One Clicking. Kindle ebook prices are subject to change without notification. Subscribe to get more FREE erotic surprises daily.

FREE at time of posting!

The Erotic Zodiac Volume One by [Lang, Livia]


Erotic Zodiac- This 6 book collection brings you all the steamy, dirty-talking, romantic goodness you could possibly want! These naughty stories all have one thing in common– they are going to keep you up all night!

So what are you waiting for? See what the stars have in store as you follow billionaires, French maids, untouched brats, dirty professors, and submissive students as they discover their sexy horoscopes!

FREE at time of posting!

Gratis : Midwinter Tales: an erotica anthology (Gratis Anthologies Book 1) by [Thurlow, Chloe, Chapterhouse, E.A., Woodham, Elizabeth, Six, Hedonist, Jaxx, Jason, Jaybee, Kay, Dylan, K M, Sanders, Livilla, Carey, M.J.]


Gratis : Midwinter Tales- Christmas has come early: Nine writers work together to create the must-read Free Holiday release of 2013. Every one of the twelve stories contained within Gratis : Midwinter Tales serves as a satisfying bite out of each author’s repertoire, to tempt and seduce and sweep you off your feet. Our stories comfortably straddle both erotica and romance genres and cover a variety of themes. Some are innocent, others seek to force you to your knees, but all have something in common: they’ll make you feel.

Gratis : Midwinter Tales comprises works by Chloe Thurlow, E.A. Chapterhouse, Elizabeth Woodham, Hedonist Six, Jason Jaxx, Kay Jaybee, KM Dylan, Livilla Sanders and M.J. Carey. We hope you’ll find a new favourite author, or nine, within these pages.

FREE at time of posting!

Gratis : New Beginnings: an erotica anthology (Gratis Anthologies Book 2) by [Bishop, Erzabet, Carey, M.J., Dylan, KM, Jaxx, Jason, Jaybee, Kay, Sanders, Livilla, Six, Hedonist, Synthia, Molly, Thurlow, Chloe, Woodham, Elizabeth]


After the well-received Gratis: Midwinter Tales (available free of charge at http://bookshow.me/B00GVG59M6), published in December last year, familiar as well as new names present a hot-off-the-press collection of quality erotic literature to follow in its footsteps. Gratis: New Beginnings is a refreshing look at the as yet young year in all its glorious potential. Themes of rejuvenation, redemption and personal growth mingle with the tantalising imagery and intense emotion our existing readers are already familiar with.
Spring is a time perfect for falling in love or lust and the ten authors of Gratis: New Beginnings are keen to sweep you up in their erotic fantasies. This collection contains stories by Erzabet Bishop, M.J. Carey, Km Dylan, Jason Jaxx, Kay Jaybee, Livilla Sanders, Hedonist Six, Molly Synthia, Chloe Thurlow and Elizabeth Woodham.

FREE at time of posting!

Gratis : Transformation: an erotica anthology (Gratis Anthologies Book 3) by [Thurlow, Chloe, Austen, Danielle, Bishop, Erzabet, Six, Hedonist, Dylan, K M, Bay, Lexie, Sanders, Livilla, Synthia, Molly, Carey, M.J., Sostre, Ray]


Gratis : Transformation, the third of the well received free-of-charge erotic short story collections in the Gratis Anthologies series, is set to be the autumn release of 2014!

As the title suggests, we’re looking at all things change; whether it’s the changing season, a new dynamic within a relationship, or even unexpected events transforming the mood at Halloween. As readers of other Gratis collections will have come to expect, this erotic anthology also contains a wide variety of erotica in various sub genres, including BDSM, Romantic Erotica, F/F, paranormal, etc. This collection should appeal to any erotica lover who appreciates classy, well-written short stories by new as well as familiar names.

For more free erotic stories, check out its two predecessors, Gratis : Midwinter Tales and Gratis : New Beginnings.

​Contents: The Garden of Eden by Chloe Thurlow, The Harlot’s Lie by Danielle Austen, Harvest Garden & Salted Caramel Kink by Erzabet Bishop, Just Another Halloween by Hedonist Six, My Wedding Scandal by KM Dylan, Masquerade by Lexie Bay, Poisonous by Livilla Sanders, Alice in France by M.J. Carey, Leda’s Swan by Molly Synthia, Their First Night Together by Ray Sostre

FREE at time of posting!

Gratis : Summer Fling: an erotica anthology (Gratis Anthologies Book 4) by [Thurlow, Chloe, Tilton, Emily, Six, Hedonist, Dylan, K M, Carey, M.J., Synthia, Molly, Narrative, Secret]


The fourth and final installment of the Gratis Anthologies of quality, literary erotica, Gratis : Summer Fling is going to hit the shelves on the 21st of June. In it you’ll again find a mix of various well received authors, sharing little glimpses into their fantasies for your entertainment. And the best part is, you haven’t even got to pay for it! Download now to get a novel length collection of perfect beach reads

Bringing Angels to Life by Chloe Thurlow, Isabelle’s Submissive July by Emily Tilton, A Day in Brighton by Hedonist Six, The Fashion Model Diplomat by KM Dylan, Dear Diary by M.J. Carey, Marsala Sweet by Molly Synthia, and Generation Game by Secret Narrative.


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