Library Fantasy

It’s Free Book Friday!

Library Fantasy, An Erotic Romance Quickie.

It was another lazy day at a notoriously slow library. Assigned to the deadest place in the small country library Librarian Kyla Stiles was unusually bored. An avid erotica reader, she makes a rookie mistake and pulls out her erotic romance novel.  Quickly she loses herself in the steamy pages and gets swept away by the sexually explicit story. After she’s all hot and bothered destiny sends a handsome patron to her desk. Ethan, a gorgeous architect is looking for some hard to find architectural reference material. When he happens upon the reference desk he’s instantly smitten by the beautiful librarian. As fate would have it his books were located in a secluded part of the library. Imagine what these two get into back there surrounded by racks and racks of old books.


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