Unspeakable Proposal

It’s Free Book Friday!

Unspeakable Proposal, An Erotic Romance Novel.

What would you do? Would you share your marital bed with another woman for any reason? Well, this woman did.

Hope and John Sabin have been happily married for five years. They have an extremely active sex life and like to keep things interesting in the bedroom. Props, role play, tools and fantasy reenactments are not taboo in the Sabin’s house. They are an insanely rich couple and have everything in life they could ever want except a baby.

After five years of trying to conceive naturally they are given the bad news that Hope cannot conceive or carry a child. Sure they could adopt or hire a surrogate mother, but even that is a complicated. The problem is that Hope is opposed to adoption and John is opposed to a surrogate. At thirty five years old and desperate, Hope does the unthinkable. She contracts Quanique a bisexual college student, to have a threesome with Hope and her husband, in hopes of conceiving a child. The trouble with this plan is that Quanique develops some plans of her own. And poor John, Hope’s husband is completely unaware that there even is a plan.

Who will triumph in the end? What would you do? Would you share your marital bed with another woman? See how this saga unfolds when two women have designs on one man, one baby and one fortune.

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