Strange Night Out

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Strange Night Out, An Erotic Quickie


Twyla was a little apprehensive when her billionaire boss invites her to have dinner with him at an exclusive super club for the wealthy. It’s an innocent proposal. After all, Twyla’s engaged to be married. Curious how the rich and shameless lived she anxiously accepts his invitation. What harm could dinner with the boss cause?

Imagine Twyla’s surprise when she discovers her handsome boss has taken her to place that features live sex shows. Certainly, the eccentric billionaire has seduction on his mend. And his intentions for their night out are not as innocent as she thinks. Appalled, Twyla wants to leave the moment the show starts. Unfortunately, she can’t rip her eyes from the action on the stage. By the end of the unusual performance Twyla finds herself hot and bothered. And to nobody’s surprise the engaged woman is all in for whatever her boss has in mind.


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